I'll bust you up yo (plasticinelf) wrote,
I'll bust you up yo

thirteen random things you like:
01) Laura
02) Mogwai
03) My band
04) Zelda
05) Felt-tip pens
06) Driving
07) X-Men
08) Computers
09) Guitars
10) Amps
11) Cello
12) Fixing things (especially guitars)
13) Italian Food

twelve movies:
01) Fight Club
02) Old School
03) Band of Brothers
04) Dumb & Dumber
05) Office Space
06) Punch-Drunk Love
07) The Jerk
08) The Three Amigos
09) Jerry Seinfeld: I'm Telling You For The Last Time (not an actual movie, but it's more of one than a TV show)
10) Shawshank Redemption
11) Se7en
12) Anchorman

eleven good bands/artists:
01) Mogwai
02) Explosions in the Sky
03) The Appleseed Cast
04) Godspeed! You Black Emperor
05) mewithoutYou
06) Norma Jean
07) The Chariot
08) Cursive
09) The Gloria Record
10) Mineral
11) Belle & Sebastian

ten things about you:
01) I can fart on command 90% of the time
02) I used to be able to walk on my hands, but now, just my feet
03) I still feel like I don't have enough time in my day
04) I buy too many guitars
05) I don't buy enough guitars
06) If "they" could somehow make chocolately chocolate, I would love that
07) I'm easily entertained
08) I love Laura like noone's business
09) I used to think I had a nice belt buckle collection, but it's kinda wimpy.
10) I very rarely ever wash my hands after I urinate (stand-up stall only)

nine friends (in no particular order):
01) Laura
02) Nevin
03) Clint
04) Jared
05) Brian
06) Tyler
07) Corey
08) Geoff
09) Robbie

eight favourite foods/drinks:
01) Lasagna
02) Spaghetti
03) Salmon
04) Hamburgers
05) Water
06) Iced Tea
07) Woodchuck Cider
08) Orange Juice

seven things you wear daily:
01) shoes
02) socks
03) pants
04) underwear
05) shirt
06) jacket
07) hat

six things that annoy you:
01) Drivers who travel in the passing lane
02) Drivers who don't use turn signals. I don't care if you're being wreckless, just use your turn signal.
03) Drivers who do 35mph on the on-ramp then try and floor it up to 75mph at the last minute.
04) Drivers who are going 95mph and want to pass me while I'm already passing someone. Hold your horses.
05) Drivers who are waiting to cross a lane of traffic and half their car is sticking out into my lane.
06) Drivers who just suck. Get with it.

five things you touch everyday:
01) Computer keyboard
02) Guitar
03) My genitals
04) Food
05) Laura & Domino

four shows you watch: (I don't watch TV anymore, so this applies to shows on DVD)
01) Seinfeld
02) King of the Hill
03) Kids in the Hall
04) SNL

three celebrities you have a crush on:
01) Brad Pitt
02) Brad Pitt
03) Brad Pitt

two people you'd like to kiss:
01) Laura and her dog
02) Brian and his dog

one person you could (are) spend (ing) the rest of your life with:
01) Laura


Now that I've wasted a good 1/2 hour at work, I feel like I've accomplished something.

The past few days I've been trying to fix the neck on my Gibson and I actually got it. Suprisingly, it actually plays better now than it did before I snapped the neck off. I bought that Gorilla Glue stuff, it's supposed to be the strongest glue ever. I glued the head back to the neck, but the amount of area that was actually wood touching wood was like, 30% of what it SHOULD be. Dang. SOOOO there was a ton of empty space where the wood splintered and I lost big chunks. So then I bought some wood filler in a tube, and squeezed and packed that all in the empty spots, let it dry, then sanded it down. I strung it up last night (awaiting the sheer horror of it snapping off and strings and wood come flying into my face) and it held. I've left it like that overnight to see if it is stretching, if not, then it'll be fine.

I also bought the Les Paul version so now I have a Melody Maker set. Laura picked it up in Hagerstown for me yesterday and brought it home. It is in ALOT better shape than when I bought the SG. The frets are almost perfect and the wood is in alot better condition. Whoever had the SG before me really went to town on it, but the Les Paul is really nice.

Tonite I buy tuning machines and I'll install the pickup into it and a output jack and we'll see how it sounds.

My stomach hurts alot and I have gas, yet again. Phew!
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