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What the Bleep Do We Know?


Okay, to get down to it, I won't write anything about this movie other than the ideas it speaks about. I won't write about the no-name no-accreditation scientists, the creepy Zha Zha Gabor lady who channels a 35,000 year old woman from Atlantis who has a 1.2 million compound in the west with thousands of followers, or how none of them have a correct idea on God. (not that I do, but I have more of one than freak lady).

Anyway. The film brought up some very interesting concepts. One of which being that we only understand what we do because it's only what we can percieve as reality. For example, the only reason we know the things around us, tables, lights, trees, wind etc...is because we can see, hear, taste, feel and smell them. We are limited to these 5 factors that make us aware of our surroundings. In theory, there are things going on around us, things that we are not aware of simply because we do not have the ability to be aware of them. There really isn't anything saying that these things aren't there. It's a good theory, but why waste time trying to investigate and understand something that we will NEVER be able to know. This is the main idea that the rest of the movie borrows from. Namely, the idea of possibility. There were a few other concepts that were interesting, but one in particular bugged me. The idea was that it is possible for matter, visible to the naked eye, to be in two different places at one. Therefore, it is a possibility that we could be two places at once. Yet, such an amazing idea brought up in the film was only mentioned once, and NEVER explained. Geesh.

But the part that really bothered me was the section on God. What upsets me most is these people are trying to apply physics and their ideas to God. it's like using a word in it's definition, it doesn't work. You can't apply logic to a being that created logic, it's well beyond that. Zha Zha Gabor stated that it is impossible to sin against God because we are all God, and for such a huge being, for us to sin against him would be practically nothing. That would be true, if we were all God, but we're not. I can vouch for myself on that one! And yes, we can sin against such a being, especially if he created each of us individually. Such an infinite God would most certainly have the ability to take part in each of our lives, and to expect the most of all of us. He could also set himself apart from us if he'd liked, he could be completely absent from our universe, but he chose not to. And it's very apparent that he is involved with our world.

People who watch this movie, take notes on it and state that it's amazing are two things: 1. gullible 2. probably a hippie.

It's not an amazing movie. The ideas it bring about quantum physics aren't really "quantum physics". It's mostly all hypothetical, and not in the quantum/hypothetical way. And it doesn't help that most of the movie is really New Agey and the sub-plot is really silly (I'd just rather it not be there).

Einstein made an analogy that our universe to us is like a large library to a child. As a child, we walk in and see shelves upon shelves stacked to the top, filled with books of different sizes, written in different languages about different topics. We don't understand all of the books in this place, but we understand that all of these were written and properly arranged by someone.

I guess I'm done. This wasn't written and articulated very well because I'm at work and my attention is always somewhere else.
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