I'll bust you up yo (plasticinelf) wrote,
I'll bust you up yo

hey hey hey smoke weed everyday

I've recieved an overwhelming number of e-mails basically stating that I don't update my journal enough and everyone wants to know what's going on with me. Well, calm down.

Quite a bit of my brain-power is being exerted toward wedding plans. My old lady gave me a list of duties and so far I've done 1 out of 7. But in my defense, I'm partly done another 4. We're doing great and in a few months we'll have Nevin "the human vacuum" Laughlin living with us.

I hate my job and I can't wait until I get a new one.

Now to lighten the mood, you'll probably want to watch these:

http://www.kimmershow.com/fileTamer/tazered.wmv - What you'd get if I ever became a cop.

http://www.ryanmcfaul.com/mirror/gb_medium.html - What amazes me about this one is that Clint never told anyone that there was a song written about him.

http://www.elliotinthemorning.com/videos/rednecksurfing.wmv - Can anyone tell if this is Elijah Dorsey?
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