I'll bust you up yo (plasticinelf) wrote,
I'll bust you up yo

...and they spoke in tongues not foreign to their own

"Oh LORD" shouted Mike as he ran across his back yard dodging clotheslines and jumped the fence. The beast, the beast was at it again. As he landed, his foot caught on the dogs chain and he fell onto the grass. Struggling to get up, he heard the growl of the beast as it drew closer. He was shaking and sweating and not able to stand on his feet by the time it was hoving over him. A single bead of spit fell onto his face as the beast laid it's paw upon his chest, pinning him to the ground. White teeth shown, the beast dug into Mike's thigh (the meatiest part) and tore his leg clean off. The beasts paw dug into Mike's stomach as he screamed. Not for help, no, he couldn't form words, just sounds. Just screamed until the animal silenced him. Silenced him forever. DEATH. 2006 here we come!!

(I just checked the time on my computer just in case it wasn't already 2006, I sometimes forget)

My left turn signal is going dead, my headlights aren't working and need to be repaired by order of a police dude, I need to get a new tire due to my flat, plus, I need oil changed (I'm probably 2000 miles over) not to mention I need to still pay a parking ticket that's overdue.

How many tickets/problems can you get riding a bike? Hmm...might want to look into that.

Things are going well, Laura was sick this weekend and she's been working alot to help with the honeymoon. We have a show tomorrow nite at the Talking Head that should be alright. Yeah.
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